About Kiki’s Fresh Bowls

Kiki’s Fresh & Healthy

Kiki’s Fresh Bowls takes a piece of paradise in the form of fresh, vibrant eats inspired by the flavors of Hawaii. Featuring both acai bowls and poke bowls full of superfoods, Kiki’s is fast, healthy, clean and gluten free for anytime eats. Kiki’s Fresh Bowls replaced pine trees with palm trees as one of the most unique concept restaurants in Evergreen, CO.

Thanks to Kiki’s success in Evergreen, we are now expanding! Keep an eye out all over the US for Kiki’s community driven, earth given spirit, where you’ll always find the best food to feed your heart and soul!

Community Driven

Our community-oriented focus is what encourages us to give 10% of our proceeds each month to a designated charity. We want to pass along a little aloha to our neighbors as a way of showing our appreciation.

The aloha spirit is defined as the “coordination of mind and heart within each person” and it means to have warmth and sincerity toward others. It is more than just saying hello or goodbye, but rather a way of living and expecting nothing in return. Come visit us today for health focused eats! Your mind and your body will thank you later.