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Kiki’s Fresh Bowls

Your next event could use a little Kiki’s! Catering with us is easy, vibrant, and anything but ordinary. Similar to the symbol of a pineapple, we represent warmth, welcome, celebration, and hospitality at any event we cater. Kiki’s Fresh Bowls also gives you the most unique catering Evergreen, CO has to offer with our variety of savory and sweet dishes. Our fresh ingredients and flavorful bowl creations bring your guests out of their shells and give them a taste of island life. All you need to do is put up your feet, embrace island time, and relax while we take care of everything.

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Kiki’s Fresh Bowls also brings a little something extra to your events that money can’t buy: the Hawaiian way of life. In Hawaii, celebrations are called luaus, and they can be held for a wide range of milestones, or just as a celebration of life! No matter what you’re celebrating, Kiki’s is here to make it special with a little ohana. When you cater with us you’re ohana, or family. We’ll treat you like our own and bring that spirit into your party to give your family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues a warm, sunny feeling – like the one you get from digging your toes into the sand. No catering in Evergreen, CO can create that special feeling that Kiki’s offers from the heart!

Whatever the occasion, add a little aloha to your next party with delicious food and island spirit. Our healthy and fresh dishes will give you and your guests a fun and memorable experience. We offer a variety of delectable creations inspired by island culture and made with only the freshest ingredients. Whether it’s an office lunch, a graduation party, an anniversary, birthday, or more, you’re sure to escape to paradise with our bowls!