Evergreen, CO Shopping

Kiki’s Kreative Treats

Sally may sell seashells by the seashore, but Kiki’s has quite a bit more to offer! Our retail side gives you the best of Evergreen, CO shopping. We feature handmade local goods from resident artisans to support our community and give back. These items can include anything from jewelry gifts like earrings to homemade barbecue sauce from our kitchen to yours. We’ve got everything under the sun! Our retail items promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle just like our food. Plus, you’ll be supporting the locals who work hard to craft beautiful and functional goods like Mexican yoga blankets and beautifully arranged florals and succulents just for you.

Kiki’s Fresh Bowls has a make-your-own-succulent station as a way for you to connect with the earth and to add some lush greenery to your Evergreen, CO shopping experience. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, our potted plants offer the perfect solution to help make your home feel like a tropical oasis. Nature is an essential part of the Hawaiian way of life, and bringing plants into your home will give you that extra bit of clean air and outdoor beauty that islanders value. Plants are also great for reducing stress, boosting your mood, increasing productivity, and even sparking your creativity!

As a community driven and earth given establishment, we donate 10% of the proceeds from all of our sales each month to charity. Kiki’s brings the aloha spirit into everything we do, whether it’s serving you delicious food creations with kindness or supporting our local craftsmen. We truly believe that the Hawaiian culture can all teach us a little something about living life to the fullest and being present with one another. The peace, kindness, and compassion that Hawaiians radiate on a daily basis is something we want to spread to Evergreen, CO shopping.

Succulents, Pots, & Handcrafted Wooden Bowls

These unique planters will bring some greenery into your space. Our handcrafted wooden bowls are perfect for decorative displays or catch-alls.

Apparel, Artisan Jewelry, & Masks.

Support local jewelry makers and crafters with these eclectic statement pieces.

And a Whole Lot More!

From handmade blankets to reusable straws, we’ve got a whole lot of other items for sale that you’re sure to love.

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