Healthy Restaurants in Evergreen, CO

Kiki’s Fresh Bowls is replacing the pine trees with palm trees as one of the most unique concept restaurants in Evergreen, CO. Escape the forest for a tropical getaway that will make you feel like you’re on island time. Kiki’s has taken a piece of paradise and brought it to Colorado to serve fresh, vibrant eats inspired by flavors of Hawaii. You will simply go coco-NUTS for our delicious bowl creations! We’ve got acai bowls and poke bowls to keep you happy and healthy. You can also shop handmade crafts and goods that support local artisans and craftsmen and use our catering services for your next event!

We are rooted in the Hawaiian way of life in our ingredients, sense of purpose, and culture. Hawaiians have a strong connection to the land that is ingrained in their history, and we bring this respect for nature into our restaurant. Everyone on the island thrives from using the land’s natural resources, and in return becomes a steward of the land to preserve it. Kiki’s seeks to bring the unique flavors that Hawaii provides while giving back like the natives do. There are no other restaurants in Evergreen, CO that are as community driven and earth given as we are!

restaurants in evergreen co with poke bowls

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Our community-oriented focus is what encourages us to give 10% of our proceeds each month to a designated charity. We want to pass along a little aloha to our neighbors as a way of showing our appreciation. The aloha spirit is defined as the “coordination of mind and heart within each person” and it means to have warmth and sincerity toward others. It is more than just saying hello or goodbye, but rather a way of living and expecting nothing in return.

As one of the newest and most health-focused restaurants in Evergreen, CO, we hope that you’ll stop by soon to give our Kitchen Eats & Kreative Treats a try! Your mind and your body will thank you later.